The College of Pharmacy at Qatar University (QU-CPH), in collaboration with Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (QPhUS), recently held an awareness campaign titled Pain Control at the Aspire Zone Park. The campaign aimed to raise public awareness about pain, its types and the safe use of pain medication.

The campaign attracted more than 360 visitors and around 80 students and faculty members from the College of Pharmacy volunteered during the campaign to share information and answer any question the visitors had. Through the campaign, a special focus was made on pain medications including those available without a prescription such as paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs due to their high prevalent use and potential serious toxicities. In addition, various types of pains and headaches were illustrated to signify how each type is managed distinctly.

In his remarks, the Dean of the College Dr. Mohammad Diab said, It is our pleasure to host outreach campaigns like Pain Control aiming to raise public awareness about pain, its types and medication available over the counter to control it. It also aimed to best use different medications and avoid side effects and toxicities associated with their inappropriate use. Committed to the College of Pharmacy vision in advancing healthcare in Qatar and increasing public awareness, the College is very keen on conducting several outreach campaigns for the benefit of community service.

The chair of the Outreach and Public Engagement Committee associate professor at the College, Dr. Abdelali Agouni said, This public awareness activity was a great success by all standards. This was the first outreach campaign that the college organized at Aspire Park and it did attract a very large number of visitors who showed interest in the topic.

Fourth-year pharmacy student, Afnan Alnajjar said, People were grateful that we have raised their knowledge about pain control, this gave us the opportunity to contribute in the spread of health knowledge in the community.

Source: Qatar University