Coast guards rescue 138 illegal migrants.

Coast guards rescue 138 illegal migrants.Wednsday , 05-10-2016 – 17:41:00

Zuwara, 05.10.2016(Lana)Western Sector CoastGuard, Zuwara has announced rescuing 138 illegal migrants who where heading to European coast, 9 miles north east Zuwara. Navy spokesman Ayub Qassem told Lana that Libyan navy patrol spotted two boats, 9 miles north east Zauara, when the coast guard approached the two boats they were found mostly holding African nationalities and include two women,three Libyans and two Morrocans. Qassem said Zuwara port trolley helped in the rescue operation. He said all migrants were referred to Anti-illegal Migration Body in Zuara. Libyan Navy has rescued in the past three days over 600 migrants. =lana=