Clinton: US should work with Muslim communities to tackle “lone wolves”

WASHINGTON, June 13 (KUNA) — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said on Monday the US government must intensify contacts with Muslim communities, and should not be “scapegoating or isolating them” when tackling “lone wolves” such as the Orlando shooter.
“Millions of peace-loving Muslims live, work and raise their families across America,” she said in her first speech since the deadly attack on an Orlando nightclub on Sunday.
“And they are the most likely to recognize the insidious effects of radicalization before it’s too late, and the best positioned to help us block it”.
As part of a three-pronged approach, Clinton added that, if elected president, she would also work to provide further funds for domestic intelligence and security forces and limit the spread of firearms in the US.
“We and our allies must work hand-in-hand to dismantle the networks that move money, and propaganda, and arms and fighters around the world,” she told supporters gathered in Cleveland, Ohio.
“The only way to do this is by working closely with our partners, strengthening our alliances, not weakening them or walking away from them.” Reiterating her position to place stricter measures on acquiring weapons, she said the US has “to make it harder for people who should not have those weapons of war.
“That may not stop every shooting or every terrorist attack, but it will stop some and it will save lives,” she added.
In the worst mass shooting in US history, US citizen Omar Mateen killed 50 people and wounded 53 in a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, before being shot dead by US law enforcement authorities.
According to US authorities, initial investigations reveal that the shooter is not a member of a terrorist organization, however, they said he was radicalized by internet propaganda. (end)