Chinese Official Hails Distinct and Strategic Relations with Qatar

Beijing, – Director of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Affairs in the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Li Chengwen said that his country attaches great importance to its relations with the State of Qatar and stressed China’s keenness to further strengthening and developing these relations in all areas.

Ambassador Chengwen hailed the excellent, strategic and continuous cooperation between China and Qatar in all political, economic, trade and cultural fields. He noted that China imports large quantities of natural gas from Qatar, in the framework of the growing economic cooperation between the two countries.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the Chinese official noted that he saw during a visit to Qatar, the massive urbanization and overall development in every field and place. Meanwhile, he highlighted Qatar’s role in the establishment and the development of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, noting Qatar’s host of the 7th session of the Forum last May, which came up with important recommendations and resolutions to promote the forum and support its positive role in strengthening China-Arab relations at various levels.

Ambassador Li Chengwen believed that China-Arab States Cooperation Forum is one of the most successful joint Arab cooperation projects with non-Arab countries. He noted that the Arab League hails the positive results that have been achieved through the Forum for both sides.

He said that since the establishment of the Forum in 2004, eleven mechanisms for joint cooperation in various fields were created, and the exchange trade volume between the two sides was increased to reach about 250 billion dollars in 2015.

He expressed China’s ambition of further achievements in various fields of cooperation between the two sides at various levels, especially after the implementation of “The Belt and Road Initiative” that would bring a lot of benefits for many countries of the world, including Arab countries.

The Chinese Ambassador said that his country hopes that all Arab countries achieve political and social stability and overall economic development, stressing that China does not interfere in Arab countries’ internal affairs.

Ambassador Li Chengwen denounced the terrorist operations that occur in some Arab countries or anywhere in the world, calling on the international community and all countries of the world to cooperate in the face of this dangerous phenomenon, warning at the same time that poverty, injustice and unemployment are among the factors that feed the ideas of extremism and terrorism.

The Chinese Ambassador praised the historic friendship relations between China and the Arab states, which are not confined to politics and economy, but also include culture and education, noting that there are about 15 thousand Arab students studying in China.

Ambassador Li Chengwen said that China has provided soft loans to Arab countries worth 10 billion dollars to support infrastructure projects. He added that China is also intends to provide loans of 15 billion dollars to Arab countries in the framework of The Belt and Road Initiative.

Source: Qatar News Agency