Chiefs of Staff of Islamic Military Coalition Countries to Meet in Riyadh on Sunday

Riyadh, March 26 Chiefs of Staff of participatory Countries in the Islamic Military Coalition will meet, in Riyadh, on Sunday. The meeting which is the first of its kind will take place, in order to coordinate their efforts, to lay the basic grounds and to discuss means to carry out military, intellectual, financial and media-related strategies, aiming to confront and deter terrorism.

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense announcement, in last December, of the coalition has emphasized Islamic world keenness to fight the lesion of terrorism, which has badly affected the Islamic world, first and foremost, before the whole world community, Saudi Press Agency SPA reported.

The coalition has begun with establishing Center for Islamic Military Coalition, in Riyadh, in order to develop techniques and endeavors to fight terrorism, in the Islamic world and to coordinate efforts exerted by participatory countries to consolidate their capabilities to fight terrorism and any other threats that might destabilize security, in Islamic world countries.

Source: Qatar News Agency