Chairman of Qatar’s Gaza Reconstruction Committee Supervises Aid Distribution with UN Coordination

Based on directives of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to provide $9 million as emergency aid of medicines, medical supplies, foodstuffs and fuel to operate hospital generators in Gaza Strip, Chairman of the National Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, HE Ambassador Mohammed bin Ismail Al Emadi, will supervise aid distribution in Gaza according to Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM), in coordination with the United Nations. Equipment will also be delivered through Karm Abu Salem Crossing.

The directives to assist the people of Gaza come in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the strip and the U.N. appeals in this regard to face the difficult conditions the population of the strip are living now due to the severe shortage of medicines, hospital fuel and other essential materials as a result of the siege.

The State of Qatar renewed its commitment to support the Palestinian people and move forward with reconstruction projects in Gaza Strip so as to promote peace and stability.