Chaired by Mohamed bin Zayed, Abu Dhabi Executive Council approves housing loans, forwards AED15.8 b infrastructure and social development projects

ABU DHABI, 25th September, 201 (WAM)– His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council on Wednesday headed the meeting at his court.

The Council has also adopted a number of development projects related to infrastructure and social development sectors, as well as endorsed new batch of housing loans for citizens, and discussed the advance of work at a number of projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the latest achievements and developments at its nuclear energy plants’ project, stressing on the importance of this project and its role in adopting efficient solutions for clean energy and supporting future needs from such energy.

— AED 3.1billion payment of housing loans for 1554 beneficiaries.

The Council members decided to allocate AED 3.1 billion as a new installment of housing loans for 1554 beneficiaries. The decision clearly illustrates the keenness of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to secure a social environment with high life quality to all citizens. This would help develop a stable upbringing of individuals and their families and furthermore strengthen social cohesion, which is very essential for the development and progress of all nations.

The new loans will benefit 689 beneficiaries from Abu Dhabi, 756 from the Eastern Region and 109 beneficiaries from the Western Region. Names of the beneficiaries will be announced later on and they will be notified about the procedures of imbursement in a way that serves their free choice of the designs of their new houses or they may complete their houses that are still under construction.

— AED 4.3 billion for Al Ain New Hospital Project.

As part of the government efforts to improve health and medical services in Al Ain, the Council approved AED 4.3 billion to fund Al Ain new hospital project. Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) has been assigned to conclude an agreement with a contractor to carry out the project. Upon completion, the hospital will help provide fully integrated medical services and enhance health safety. Besides, it will upgrade the Emirate’s status as a scientific hub with distinguished health and social services that could match what we can see in the developed countries.

The new hospital will accommodate 719 beds distributed for general medicine, surgery, children’s ward, maternity, ICU, medical rehabilitation, VIP patients and royal suites. It will also include 104 advanced specialized clinics, 17 units for X-ray, CT Scan and MRI techniques as well as 22 specialized units for endoscopy diagnosis.

–AED 5.2billion for implementing 1st, 3rd and 4th stages of Al Mafraq- Al Ghuwaifat road project.

During the meeting, the Council designated the Department of Transport (DoT) to conclude agreements with contractors to implement the first, third and fourth sections of the 248 km -long Al Mafraq- Al Ghuwaifat Road Development Project with a total cost of AED 5.291 billion. This includes constructing 15 upper intersections and providing the road with electricity posts. The project is one of the initiatives of the DoT’s strategic plan designed to improve the transport sector and enable it work more efficiently to better serve the economy of the Emirate.

Meanwhile, the project will help reduce car accidents, improve road safety, accommodate traffic curtail traffic jams and shorten travel time when travelling to the Western Region or Saudi Arabia. The DoT has already completed the second part of the project, the 80 km-long Al Ruwais Road.

— Sections A ‘&’B of Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road Project.

The Council also assigned the DoT to reach agreements with contractors to carry out construction work of sections A and B of Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway Road Project with a total cost of AED 1.966 billion.

The 62 km two-way road project with four lanes for each direction extends from Seeh She’ib area to Suwaihan Road. It includes six intersections, three for each section, in addition to bridges designed to protect the gas pipelines . High-voltage cables that intersects with the road track will also be removed. Lighting work and other relevant facilities are included in the project.

The project is seen as an additional strategic road linking Abu Dhabi Emirate with Dubai and the northern emirates. It will ease traffic congestion along the current Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway. The new road will also connect Khalifa Port with the industrial zone area and serve the other industrial areas and the emerging populated areas and housing projects particularly in Al Falah area.

— AED 810 million to finance a power generation linkage project.

The Council decided to forward an AED 810 million project to contractors who will import, install and modify air cables used to link the newly established power generation stations with other stations in the area.

The project aims to transport the generated electricity from the new station to other areas to meet the increasing demand on electricity as a result of the population growth and economic and urban development in the Emirate particularly in the Western Region.

— AED 132 million allocated for sewage water treatment plant project in Al Ruwais.

The Council approved a project to set up a sewage water treatment plant in Al Ruwais (Western Region) with a total cost of AED 132 million. Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company was assigned by the council to conclude a contract with a company to execute the project.

The new plant aims to meet demands resulting from the ongoing expansion in industrial zones in Al Ruwais. It goes in line with the development plans of the Higher Foundation for Specialized Economic Zones and the labor towns in Al Ruwais.

The project includes the establishment of a wastewater reclamation plant with a capacity of 15000 cubic meter a day. There will be also a receiving station which could receive 16 tanks and a 10 km water pumping pipeline to convey treated water to the forest areas reservoirs in Ghayathy area. The new plant takes into account any environmental damages as it is provided with a system to treat bad scents at all stages and another system for monitoring.


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