The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has organized a workshop to discuss the future vision of the National Diabetes Patient Record as part of the fifth pillar of the national strategy for combating the disease on information management.

This strategy was launched under the rubric preventing diabetes together and in line with the objectives of the National Health Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030.

The fifth pillar of the National Diabetes Strategy is to build capacity in the management of diabetes information and to provide accessible way by patients, healthcare professionals and researchers.

Representatives from the MoPH, Hamad Medical Corporation, the Primary Health Care Corporation, the Medical Services in the Ministry of Interior, the Armed Forces Medical Services, private hospitals in Qatar, medical services of Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Diabetes Association, Sidra Medicine and Qatar Red Crescent attended the workshop.

During the workshop, the future vision of the National Diabetes Patient Record was defined, as well as the use of technology to enable the exchange of information and communication due to the urgent need to collect information about diabetic patients and list it in a central database.

Source: Government of Qatar