CENTCOM investigation finds strikes in Iraq, Syria likely killed five civilians

WASHINGTON, Jan 29 (KUNA) — US Central Command (CENTCOM) on Friday announced the results of four more civilian casualty assessments in Iraq and Syria where civilians were killed and injured.
After a thorough review, the preponderance of evidence indicates four separate US strikes in Iraq and Syria, between July 27 and Octocber 15, 2015, have likely resulted in the deaths of five civilians and injuries to an additional eight civilians, said the announcement from CENTCOM headquarters in Tampa, Florida.
“We deeply regret the unintentional loss of life and injuries resulting from those strikes and express our deepest sympathies to the victims’ families and those affected,” the announcement said.
The investigation results found that one civilian was injured during a strike against so-called Islamic State (IS) near Ash Sharqat, Iraq, on July 27.
Three civilians were killed and five more were injured because they were in the vicinity of strikes against Junaid Hussain, an IS cyber-operative in Ar Raqqah, Syria on August 13.
On September 24 near Sinjar, Iraq, two civilians were killed during strikes against an IS vehicle. An assessed enemy combatant on a motorcycle was targeted for engagement. Weapons were released while the target was stopped at an intersection; however, another vehicle approached after weapons were in flight. Both the motorcycle and the vehicle were destroyed.
On October 15 near Tal Afar, Iraq, two civilians were injured during strikes against IS Sharia Judge Mullah Maysar. The targeted vehicle veered into oncoming traffic. (end) rm.bs