The Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center (QTTSC) at CENG announced the winners of the Traffic Safety Ambassadors Program, which was recently held in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and the National Committee for Traffic Safety.

Hasan bin Thabet Secondary School for Boys was placed first, while Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al Mana Secondary School for Boys and Ali bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani Secondary School for Boys were placed second and third respectively.

Attending the event were CENG Dean and QTTSC Director Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa, representatives of the General Directorate of Traffic, and CENG faculty and staff, as well as students and their mentors.

The Traffic Safety Ambassadors Program attracted 10 teams from 10 independent schools in Doha. It aimed at raising school students and community awareness on the importance of traffic safety, and to spread safe driving behaviors. Through several workshops, QU and General Directorate of Traffic staff members guided the ambassadors on road safety and awareness campaigns.

Commenting on the event, Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa said: QTTSC is proud to honor the program winners today. Through this initiative, QTTSC team strives to involve secondary school students and to motivate them to play a vital role in spreading traffic safety culture within the community, while contributing to creating awareness programs for individuals and the public, and to providing solutions to tackle traffic safety challenges in Qatar.

Source: Qatar University