Call to file international lawsuit against Qatar backed

Manama: A call to file an international lawsuit against the government of Qatar for its subversive role in Bahrain has resonated with the representatives of the people.

MPs today announced a parliamentary and official action to prepare a thorough dossier, in partnership with the community, and set up a central committee within the coming days to claim compensation for the damage inflicted upon Bahrain and all those affected by the Qatari subversive interference.

First Deputy Speaker MP Ali Al-Aradi urged the Government of Bahrain to take legal action against the Qatari Government for its direct involvement in supporting radical groups in Bahrain since 2011.

He also stressed the necessity of claiming compensation from Doha for all those affected by the Qatari support for terrorism.

The MPs said that a substantiated dossier documenting Qatar’s crimes against Bahrain and support to terrorist groups would be submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, including claims of compensation for the incurred damage.

Bahrain’s national interest requires an action to deter Qatar-supported terrorism through an international lawsuit, they said, urging countries calling for combating terrorism to contribute to the dossier which will document Qatar’s role in subverting security and stability, interference in sovereign countries’ internal affairs.

In a statement today, MPs said the crimes perpetrated by the Government of Qatar do not fall under the penal statute of limitations as they concern state security.

MP Abdulrahman Boumjeed, member of the Arab Parliament and the Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee, urged affected citizens to come forward, in accordance with the procedures which will be announced soon, and contributed to documenting the Qatari violations against Bahrain.

MP Abbas Madhi, Asian Parliament Congress Deputy Speaker and head of the Parliamentary Services Committee, described the establishment of the central panel as a positive step, stressed he need to included official and community parties.

Other MPs have also backed the move adding that Qatar tries to exploit human rights issues to defame the image of the GCC countries with fallacious reports.

They stressed the need to incorporate the compensation claims in the dossier which will be submitted to the Internal Criminal in the Hague.

They said that Bahrain has compelling documents that indict Qatar’s subversive role and collusion with the radical and terrorist groups, apart from the policemen who fell in the line of duty and injured citizens.

They stressed the importance of engaging all citizens, official authorities, civil society organizations, the trading and social communities to contribute to Bahrain’s national dossier against Qatar.

Al-Aradi called on the Government of Bahrain to set up a central committee to receive affected people’s complaints and to assess the losses inflicted upon the nation and citizens due to Qatar’s support for terrorism and extremist groups.

He stressed the importance for the panel to document all cases and corroborate them with compelling evidence and figures proving the extensive damage incurred due to Qatar’s harbouring of terrorist groups.

Al-Aradi urged the establishment of an expert legal team to file cases and sue Qatar for its blatant interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs, breach of good neighbourliness and violation of national, regional and international legal covenants.

He revealed a few days ago that consultations and contacts were underway at the Council of Representatives to undertake adequate legal action against the Government of Qatar and claim compensation.

He also urged legal accountability and stressed the need to seek the assistance of Interpol to bring the accused to trial, saying that the Council of Representatives has a responsibility to protect national interests, citizens, traders, the security forces and the civil society from any subversive trends seeking to undermine security and destabilize the country.

Source: Bahrain News Agency