CAFER – ankaya: the end of the road

ankaya: the end of the roadAt the end of the presidential election, ErdoIan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) found a dilemma on their hands. What will happen after ErdoIan is elected president? There is now obviously slight unrest in the party, and ErdoIan seeks to deal with the unresolved issues that are troubling him When declaring his candidacy, ErdoIan said he was taking a sacred voyage.

If the presidential palace was the final destination of this journey, then this is the end of the road for ErdoIan.ErdoIan is not comfortable because he won the elections by a slight margin.

In his balcony speech after the election, he pledged to serve as president for all, including those who love him and those who don’t. However, these remarks were not convincing, because everyone believes that he makes such statements after every election but keeps on acting in the manner that he wishes.

ErdoIan will remain engaged in his party’s internal affairs after becoming president. This is evidenced by his eagerness to stay prime minister, deputy and party chair despite the fact that he was elected president and will take up the position after Aug.

28. He does not see any problem in participating in his party’s convention as party chair one day before he is officially sworn in as president.

He does not want to risk any surprises in his party after he leaves the chairmanship position.ErdoIan’s party is uncomfortable.

Gul’s decision to return to the party he founded caused serious concern among ErdoIan and his ardent supporters. Gul’s supporters and ErdoIan’s aides now practice strong rhetoric against each other It is obvious that the turmoil will not end even if one of ErdoIan’s supporters is picked as party chair No matter how strongly he tries to control his party, ErdoIan will not be able to interfere with the AK Party’s affairs when he becomes president.

ErdoIan is not comfortable, despite having won the election, for two reasons. First, the bribery and corruption charges will haunt him even when he is president.

The only thing he can do to feel safe against these allegations is to serve under a government that would ignore the law. Second, the AKP has to remain in power after the general elections in 2015.

ErdoIan has referred to this as his mission.It is obvious that the AKP will go to the 2015 elections under the leadership of someone who is picked by ErdoIan.

It appears that this person is Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu. Regardless of who will become prime minister, what really preoccupies ErdoIan is doubt about next year’s elections.

And he is right in having doubts, because the AKP is a party of one man and one leader Will a party which identifies itself with ErdoIan’s leadership be successful in his absence? This is the question ErdoIan and his aides are trying to answerErdoIan wants to make his destiny and Turkey’s one and the same. He has to stay in power to achieve this.

So far, he has been successful at in staying in power and creating an order that favors him However, his greatest mistake was in his ambition to become president.He has become president this is the end of the road for ErdoIan.

What remains to be done is him understanding that the fate of Turkey does not depend on the fate of a single man. ErdoIan and Turkey had to have this experience, we will wait and see if he comes to the understanding now.

Of course, there are also some serious lessons the opposition parties have to draw from the election results, because their current political culture makes a serious process of self-criticism inevitable.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman