CAFER – AKP’s test with ISIL

AKP’s test with ISILThe Islamic State of Iraq and the Levantand#39s (ISIL) ongoing massacres in Iraq and Syria finally made into the agendas of global powers, particularly the United States.After US journalist James Foley was brutally executed by ISIL, President Barack Obama called on all states and peoples in the region to fight against ISIL.

The struggle against ISIL has become one of the prerequisites for stability and equilibrium in the Middle East. It is interesting to note that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), which claims to be the andquotbig brotherandquot of the region, is silent and ineffective about ISIL, which is wreaking havoc in the region.

In response to the opposition partiesand#39 criticisms about Turkeyand#39s andquotinvolvement in the quagmire called the Middle East,andquot AKP spokespeople suggest that andquotTurkey is a regional and even global player as such, it will certainly show interest in developments in the Middle East.andquot But today, they carefully refrain from condemning ISILand#39s terrorism publicly, and in a clear tone.

Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu, who, it appears, will become prime minister after Recep Tayyip ErdoIan, believes that ISIL is just an andquotangry mob.andquotSo far, ErdoIan havenand#39t uttered a single remark about ISIL except noting that they expect the organization to release the 49 Turkish diplomats they have taken hostage.

He has made harsh remarks about opposition partiesand#39 criticisms, but he has introduced a ban on media reports about the Turkish diplomats being held hostages by ISIL. And this ban is still in force.

The safety of the 49 diplomats who were working at Turkeyand#39s consulate in Mosul is, of course, of paramount importance. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that these people safely return to their country and reunite with their families.

Unfortunately, this ban on discussing or questioning this problem no longer makes any sense, as this brutal organization is already using these 40 Turkish citizens as andquothuman shields.andquotThis fact must be questioned and those who are responsible for it must be called to account for it.

ErdoIan, DavutoIlu and the AKP must answer a number of interelated pressing questions about this matterWhy is Turkeyand#39s intelligence organization not required to explain their failure to see the growth of ISIL so much that they were able to seize Mosul? Although the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) boasts, andquotWe are informed beforehand of any development in the Middle East,andquot how can it explain this development? How can DavutoIlu, who reportedly told the consulate officials not to leave the consulate building andldquobecause ISIL is not our enemy,andquot have a clear conscience?It is no longer a secret that ISIL can freely use our common border with Syria — particularly including the Hatay portion — and that it can obtain medical treatment for its wounded militants from Turkey and that it recruits militants from Turkey. Is this a result of the weakness of the state authority? Or is Turkey knowingly turning a blind eye to ISILand#39s mobility?It is said that communication between the hostages and Turkey was interrupted due to ErdoIanand#39s presidential election rallies.

Why does ErdoIan keep silent in the face of these allegations, even though he is quick to respond to any criticism? How can a prime minister make such a mistake that would put the lives of hostages at risk?Will the talks being conducted secretly for the release of hostages be made public one day? Will they be treated as a andquotstate secretandquot? For instance, it is claimed that the government has declared that any attack against the tomb of Suleyman Iah, which is considered Turkish territory in Syria, is casus belli (cause for war) — but the land has been given to ISIL in exchange for the release of the hostages.Questions abound.

And it seems they wonand#39t be dropped from the agenda anytime soon. Indeed, ISIL has turned into a global problem and the government is nowhere near making open, clear and convincing explanations.

Oddly enough, the people who are primarily responsible for this fiasco, ie, DavutoIlu and spy chief Hakan Fidan, are expected to be assigned to the posts of prime minister and foreign minister, respectively. There must be an explanation.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman