Cabinet issues slew of decisions

A Cabinet session held Sunday, headed by Prime Minister, Dr. Bishr Khasawneh, approved an amended bylaw to regulate administrative costs for services provided by Department of Lands and Survey (DLS) for 2023. The bylaw aims to prevent duplication in DLS’s collection of fees paid in exchange for carrying out the same transaction. Under the regulation, levies collected by the department to provide services for some transactions are revoked, given fees imposed under the amended Land Registration Fees Law No. (7) of 2023. The Council of Ministers also approved an amended bylaw for licensing nursing and midwifery profession for 2023, aimed to preserve legal positions of practitioners of nursing and midwifery careers in the centers and hospitals of Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services and the private sector, who hold scientific degrees in nursing and midwifery specialties, and give them the legal capacity to rectify their situation in accordance with the provisions of the current bylaw. In addition, the Cabinet okayed an amended bylaw for the administrative organization of Ministry of Social Development for 2023. The system came in response to the ministry’s commitments and responsibilities in the file of women’s empowerment locally, and create a reference authority for following up and developing implementation of legislation and policies directly related to women’s issues. In a related context, the Cabinet approved the mandating reasons for a bylaw to license and regulate profession of preparing and selling hot beverages within boundaries of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) for 2023.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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