Business will take the lead in 2017 China-Arab States Expo


YINCHUAN, China, July 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — 2017 China-Arab States Expo will be held in Ningxia of China from September 6-9th this year. Business communities will be the key role in organizing the Expo. The Seventh China-Arab Businessmen Conference in the framework of China-Arab Cooperation Forum will be held along with the Expo. About 600 representatives from China, Arab countries and other countries along the “One Belt and One Road” is estimated to participate in the conference for topics of co-building “One Belt and One Road” and infrastructure construction, scientific and technological innovation and optimization of trade structure. Council Meeting of China-Arab Joint Chamber of Commerce and China-Arab Cooperation Workshop for Business legal service and promotion will also be organized to help creating more business friendly environment.

The China-Arab Businessmen Conference is an important mechanism for dialogues and initiatives among the China and Arab business communities to further promote economic and trade cooperation under the framework of China-Arab Cooperation Forum. It has been successfully held for six sessions alternatively in China and one Arab country every two years.”This year, we are organizing along with the China-Arab States Expo for the benefits of the two events to help the business community of the two side taking the leading role in the platform to fully explore opportunities and discuss cooperation between China and Arab countries”, according to Wang Jinzhen, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion and International Trade.

The importance of China-Arab States Expo has been largely recognized by business circles of China and Arab world. In the last sessions, the number of participants in the Expo exceeded the estimate of the organizers. 2017 China-Arab States Expo will be more focused on attracting enterprises to meetings and exhibitions for cooperation in the fields of commodity and service trade, high-tech and innovation, industrial investment cooperation and tourism. Series of specialized activities are to be organized, including China-Arab Agricultural Cooperation & Modern Agriculture Exhibition, China-Arab Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Forum & High-tech and Equipment Exhibition and China-Arab Logistics Cooperation forum.

China-Arab States Expo has become an important platform for co-construction of “One Belt and One Road”. Qian Keming, Vice Minister of Chinese Ministry of Commerce pointed out that 12 state leaders of China and foreign countries, 143 Chinese and foreign ministerial officers, 60 foreign ambassadors to China, 80 countries, regions and international institutes, 139 chambers of commerce, 2200 representatives from large and medium enterprises and 18000 exhibitors and purchasers have participated in the past China-Arab States Expo. 321 agreements have been signed in these two sessions, where the contract value is accumulatively RMB 132.87 billion for cooperation projects in the fields of science and technology, finance, energy, agriculture, healthcare, tourism and education.

Online registration has already opened for participating in 2017 China-Arab States Expo at the official website of China-Arab States Expo ( The organizer is making all effort to bring more business cooperation between China and Arab countries.