British Official confirms the country “will do” as per its people decision

NEW YORK, June 24 (KUNA) — “British people have spoken, they have decided to leave the European Union and that is what the UK will do,” Ambassador Matthew Rycroft to the UN told the press.
Speaking of the process of leaving the EU, Ambassador Rycroft said it will be “lengthy and complex,” noting that it will take two-years from a date set by the British Prime Minister in the coming months.
The British official affirmed that throughout that period of over two-years, his country will remain an integral and full member of the European Union with all of the rights and responsibilities that that entails. Even beyond that period of time, Rycroft said the fundamentals of the UK’s strength in the world will endure.
“Our economy, our world class diplomacy and armed forces? Our commitment to international development -helping the world’s poorest- and above all? Here at the United Nations? Our permanent seat on the Security Council,” he stressed.
Earlier as Britain and other EU Member States embark on the process of charting a way forward, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement, he trusts in Europe’s well-proven history of pragmatism and common responsibility in the interest of European citizens.
“At the UN, we look forward to continuing our work with the United Kingdom and the European Union – both important partners,” his statement added.
Expecting that the EU to continue to be a solid partner for the UN on development and humanitarian issues, as well as peace and security, including migration, Ban expressed in his statement, that he also expects that Britain will continue to exercise its leadership in many areas, including development.
The British people voted 52 percent to leave the EU, while other 48 percent against this decision. (end) mao.ibi