Britain urges int'l community to double aid for Syrians

LONDON, Jan 31 (KUNA) — Britain on Sunday called on international community to double its financial assistance to support Syrian people and help children either inside or outside the country to educate.
In a press statement, British International Development Secretary Justine Greening urged world’s leaders during their participation in the London’s Syria Donors Conference 2016 to be held next Thursday to contribute to changing the life of a whole generation of Syrian children suffering from repercussions of the war.
About 1.4 million children of Syria are living in refugee camps hosted by some neighboring countries, she said, adding those children don’t attend schools.
Depriving children from education will have big negative repercussions for them in the future as they may fail to get jobs to support their families and also may adopt extremist ideology, she noted.
She said that the conference will be a historic opportunity for the world’s leaders to support programs which will be in favor of millions of Syrian children, indicating that any child shouldn’t be deprived from education because of the war.
The conference co-organized by Britain, Kuwait, Germany, Norway and the UN seeks to double financial pledges of participating countries, numbering 70, non-government organizations and international bodies.
Kuwait had hosted three donors’ conferences to support humanitarian situation in Syria in 2013, 2014 and 2015. During them, pledges of participating countries totaled about USD 7.7 billion, including USD 1.3 billion from Kuwait. (end)