Brig.Wednsday , 17-08-2016 – 21:17:00

Al Ghussary: Fortified Structure are about to liberate Serte completely. Tripoli, 17.08.2016(Lana) Fortified Structure Forces began liberating District 3 in Serte, the last stronghold of deash in Serte. Fortified Structure spokesman, Brig. Mohamed Al-Ghussary said in a phone call with Sawa radio ‘what remains of Serte only District 3 after liberating it we can proclaim liberation of serte. Fortified Structure forces tightened their control of District 2 in Serte and advance to end some pockets of resistance in District 1’ he said. Daesh terrorist organization tried to hamper the advance of Fortified Structure forces in District 1 by blowing up two bobby tapped cars driven by two suicide bombers. However, the forces managed to blow them up before reaching their targets, Al-Ghussary added. =Lana=