BRCS grants additional $150,000 to Lebanon relief efforts

Manama, The Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) donated $150,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross, which represents the outcome of the charity campaign recently launched by the Society themed “Bahrain Relief Beirut”. This comes within the framework of the society’s active work to extend its assistance to the brotherly Lebanese people and support them in their calamity after the port of Beirut’s explosion resulted in catastrophic damage to the population, economy and environment.


The board of directors of the Society approved this donation in line with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s relief contributions to the brotherly Lebanon, which is suffering an unprecedented ordeal that requires backing its people and aiding them to overcome these challenging times.


Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) Director-General/Act General Secretary, Mr. Mubarak Al Hadi, stated that the Lebanese Red Cross would use these donations to contribute in financing a massive project currently being implemented in Beirut based on the restoration of thousands of homes and apartments that have been affected by the explosion to help the victims return to their homes.


“(Bahrain Relief Beirut) campaign received a broad resonance and significant interaction in Bahrain, because the citizens, residents and institutions in Bahrain sympathize and feel responsible to support the brotherly Lebanese people in their tragedy, as the people of Lebanon are in dire need for support amidst this massive disaster.” Al Hadi said.


“Bahrain Red Crescent Society is grateful for the efforts of all citizens, residents and institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain who responded to the Society’s call and provided donation to relief the afflicted Lebanese.” He added.


He pointed out that the Bahrain Red Crescent Society pursues its work to harness all its organizational capabilities and expertise that extends over more than fifty years in the field of relief and humanitarian work in ensuring that donations are delivered to the actual beneficiaries in Lebanon, with the maximum effectiveness possible.


It’s noteworthy that The Bahrain Red Crescent Society initiated a donation of $50,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross as part of the relief efforts, after Beirut port’s explosion caused a severe humanitarian disaster that will affect the city for a long time.


Source: Bahrain News Agency