Ramallah, – Mladen Ivanic, chairman of the presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, met on Friday with Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s executive committee.

During the meeting, Ivanic stressed his country’s support for the just rights of the Palestinian people in establishing their independent state based on the 1967 borders and the two-state solution.

For his part, Erekat expressed the Palestinian government’s unequivocal rejection of the Israeli government’s decision to designate the PLO’s Palestinian National Fund a terrorist organization, saying that Israel is trying to remove the Palestinian presence by eliminating its sole legitimate representative and its institutions.

He warned of the unilateral decision and its repercussions on the popular, official and international fronts, calling on world countries to reject the decision and immediately take action to curb the Israeli excessiveness and attempts to exclude the Palestinian people and its national institutions.

Erekat said that the Israeli government is carrying out an orchestrated campaign that targets the Palestinian presence, blaming it for the exploding situation in the region, adding that its real objective is to restore the conflict to before the Declaration of Principles and the mutual recognition between Israel and the PLO, while, on the other hand, world countries are trying to revive the political process. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency