BERK – Pando’s breakfast shutting down?

Pando’s breakfast shutting down?What is happening in and around Turkey is driving everyone to allocate a part of daily time to talk, think, write and feel bad. Things have not been going well for some time.

I am always waiting for bad news and my expectations are immediately being fulfilled. My dear friend Ansel Mullins sent me an e-mail saying Pando Kaymak KahvaltI Salonu, a breakfast restaurant, seems to be shutting down in a couple of weeks as the landlord is using his right to evict the shop.

This eviction process is due to a revised code of obligations that allows the landlord to ask the tenant to evict the premises if the rental agreement has surpassed 10 years.After reading Ansel’s e-mail, I immediately visited Pando and got details.

I am still working to find out if I can help Pando to legally stay on the premises. The best solution would definitely be to convince the landlord to cooperate with Pando to preserve cultural heritage.

Every part of the shop is historic and has witnessed history. Mr Pandeli says he is 90 and that the shop was run by his father before him He does not remember how long the shop has been there, but simple mathematics say it would be around 100 years old.

Mr Pandeli says when Ataturk was living as a bachelor in Akaretler — walking distance from the restaurant — he probably had breakfast at Pando on several occasions. The tiny shop’s broken marble counter a testament to the violence that took place on Sept.

6-7, 1955. The building in which the breakfast place is run is already a second-degree protected historical building.

I believe that the establishment itself and the concept must be considered cultural heritage and be subject to legal protection like archeological sites. Having said that, we have not yet come to a legal conclusion regarding how to protect and preserve Pando.

“Is Pando shutting down?” Nobody, not even Mr Pandeli nor the landlord, knows the answer to this question yet. So, please don’t expect to find it in this article.

The only certain thing isthat the answer to the question will be formed in line with your support of the issue.It is probably too late for Pando, but a vakIf (foundation) that cares about food and cultural heritage and that aims to protect such establishments might be able to help these kinds of small businesses.

A foundation may buy these kinds of shops and businesses and make sure that the business is run seamlessly after owner leaves or passes away. In some cases, the owner does not have a next of kin, so a foundation that cares about cultural heritage may help the business run smoothly after the proprietor’s death.

Why is it important to keep the original location? Yes, it is not the end of the world, but changing the original place might lead to Mr Pandeli losing his spirit and motivation.Look at Inci Pastanesi, which lost its spirit after it was evicted and had to change its location The thing is, Pando is not only a breakfast place.

It is a heritage site. The shop has been at its current location for at least 100 years.

I am afraid the same thing may happen to another heritage landmark at some point.I am going to write about codes of obligations, how to evict premises and resist eviction and how we can protect cultural sites under law in my next article.

I spoke to the family who owns the place and we hope to get them to cooperate with Pando. Please support it and don’t let it be shut down, otherwise it will become another ordinary food shop very soon.

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SOURCE: Today’s Zaman