Beginning of a new era in politics

Beginning of a new era in politicsPrime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan has emerged as the first president elected by popular vote. I wish Turkey all the best.

The Aug. 10 election is not only significant because the people voted for the president directly, but also for the following developments in Turkey’s politics.

ErdoIan has managed to surpass the 45 percent vote tally that his ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) garnered in the March 30 local elections. ErdoIan was certainly the best prepared of all three presidential candidates.

His bid for the presidency was long in the making, so his campaign staff was able to examine US President Barack Obama’s electoral campaign and they copied it. The fact that ErdoIan was able to take aantage of state resources available to him as the prime minister [because he refused to resign from his post upon declaring his presidential candidacy] and that he had a successful campaign model, great media support behind him and his rivals’ lack of experience all helped him collect 51 percent of the votes.

It is an important consideration who will head the AK Party until the 2015 general election. If it is a high-profile prime minister, then there may be tension between him and ErdoIan, who has clearly said that he will be head of the executive branch.

On the other hand, a low-profile prime minister would be able to work in harmony with ErdoIan, but he might not be able to preserve the AK Party’s one-party government in the 2015 election.(ERHAN BAIYURT, BUGuN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman