Basketball: Qatar to Face US in Quarter-Finals of 3*3 Championship

Guangzhou, – The State of Qatar’s basketball team will meet the US in the quarter-finals of 2016 FIBA 3×3 World Championships.

The competition sees the world’s best 20 teams are competing to win the title. Both Qatar and the US will be hungry to win the game. Qatar has won the title before while the US will be seeking its first ever FIBA 3*3 World Championship trophy.

Qatar’s coach Khalid Suleiman praised the performance of his team against New Zealand and Russia in the last two games and stressed that they will look to pick up from where they left off against the US in the quarter finals.

He added that the team chemistry is very high at the moment and the players will go into the game against the US just like they do against any other team, focused and determined to win.

Source: Qatar News Agency