BAKU-2015: One News per Day!

By: Aygun Badalova

Some western circles, which are in the frontline of smear campaign against Azerbaijan do not refrain from any vile methods. Based on the “means justify ends” approach, those who are behind this campaign resort to the all possible or impossible means.

Everything is exhaustable, as such the topics as well. The Western media which exploits the groundless allegations against Azerbaijan under the pretext of “human rights”, is in dire need of new topics. In professional journalism it is hard to return to the same topic within the 2-3 months period, but as regards to Azerbaijan this basic principle of journalism is violated as well. Almost the same articles with the similar mode and essence are on a steady growth.

As it is acknowledged by one Western journalist who is accredited to Baku Games the western auditorium is fed up with the continuous repetition of very same topic on a daily basis. Readers are aware that they are manipulated deliberately against Azerbaijan.

Understanding that the human rights fiction is no longer effective and with the grand opening of European Games this propaganda campaign will go to the dustbin, the western media in an unsuccessful manner attempts to find something new. It is enough just to analyze the so-called critical articles published during the last recent days.

Emma Hughes who applied for accreditation to Baku Games as a representative of “Red Pepper” publication, was banned from entering the territory of Azerbaijan. It was identified that Emma Hughes under the cover of Red Pepper actually intended to visit Azerbaijan as Platform London NGO representative. According to the rules of the International Olympic Committee if the media representative fails to provide true information about her background and place of work, his or her application might be rejected. The western media fallen into forgetfulness about this fact, immediately started to build “victimized Emma” image. Word-by-word the series of articles repeated one another.

Now Emma Hughes is in the process of overblowing the topic of Amnesty International’s visit ban to Azerbaijan. But it is forgotten that couple of months of ago the delegation of this NGO has paid a visit to Azerbaijan. Amnesty delegation was proposed to have the meetings at the state institutions as well to hear official line a, but they refused to have any such meetings. It is so obvious that the visit intention just two days before the Games was nothing more than provocative act.

The western media having the hardest difficulty to find a new topic against Azerbaijan since June 11 has started to develop the myth of Owen Gibson, whose accreditation was rejected. This gentlemen in his journalist career specialized in sport topics. But strangely enough, since his visit to Azerbaijan in December 2014, he has been transformed into the political columnist. Only on the topics related to Azerbaijan….. As far as accreditation concerned, criticizing Azerbaijani Government he does care who organizes these Games and who is responsible for accreditation. In a nutshell, the Government of Azerbaijan does not bear responsibility for accreditation.

1000 more international media representatives are accredited for Baku Games. How only one journalist’s rejected application can cast a shadow on the Games?

It is a rhetorical question. The answer is crystal clear- ill-intention, smear campaign…

Let’s be patient and wait. After exploiting this topic up the extreme, what will the next topic?