Manama, – Bahrain said today that it welcomed US operations against the sites from which attacks using chemical weapons were launched on Khan Shaikhoun in Syria.

Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported today that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the step as a needed one to stop the bloodshed and prevent the proliferation or use of any banned weapons against innocent civilians. The ministry also praised the remarks made by US President Donald Trump saying it reflected the determination of his administration to defeat terrorism in all its forms. The ministry stressed that it firmly supports the US in the fight and in its counter-terrorism efforts.

The ministry also stressed that US’ clear stance came in support of efforts to end the Syrian crisis. The statement also called on all sides to remain committed to maintaining the interest of the Syrian people and working seriously and transparently to put an end to their suffering. The statement also called on the international community and all parties involved to strive in maintaining a ceasefire and arrange for negotiations that will lead to a comprehensive political settlement. The ministry stressed that those negotiations must on the basis of the 2012 Geneva 1 Conference and the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, in a way that preserves the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Syria and safety of its people. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency