Baghdad Assistant Secretary-General for Arab States, Ambassador Hossam Zaki, announced that the consultative meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which was scheduled to be held on June 8 in Doha, was postponed at the request of Qatar for a week. He said in a statement that, according to Qatar’s request, it was decided to postpone the meeting for one week, to be held on the 15th of this month, and that arrangements have begun for that. Zaki had said in a previous statement that: The meeting comes within the framework of the League Council’s keenness, at the level of foreign ministers, to raise the pace and intensity of consultation on issues of common interest to member states, foremost of which are issues of a political nature. He added that: the consultative meeting format is a tradition in force at the level of the Council, and it allows ministers to exchange opinions and debate informally and without being bound by a specific agenda or issuing official statements and documents. Source: National Iraqi News Agency


Baghdad The High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq has been elected an “executive” member of the Arab Network for Human Rights in the work of the General Assembly meeting of the Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions (17th ), through the electronic television circuit, in the presence of the President of the High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq Aqeel Mansouri Mousavi.

The meeting’s agenda included the ceremony of transferring the presidency of the Arab Network from the State of Palestine to the State of Qatar, a discussion of the operational work plan of the Arab Network for the year 2021, and the organizational preparations for the holding of the international conference and the sustainable development plan – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – for the year 2030.

The work of the conference was attended by heads and representatives of national human rights institutions in (Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, Algeria, Djibouti, in addition to Iraq), and representatives from the Arab League and the Commission participated in the meeting sessions, as well as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations Development Program, ESCWA and the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions GANHRI.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency