Azerbaijani Educations Ministry completes admission of e-applications for teachers’ replacement

Baku: The Ministry of Education has today completed the admission of e-applications for replacement of teachers.

Under the Education Minister’s Order No. 511 dated April 29, 2015 on “Regulation of recruitment of teachers for educational institutions and professional lyceums”, 3511 vacancies were announced in the competition.

3202 (91%) of the vacancies are for Azerbaijani sector and 309 (9%) for Russian sector. Most vacancies were announced on chemistry (449 vacancies, 13%), primary school (440 vacancies, 13%), biology (387 vacancies, 11%), physics (359 vacancies, 10%), geography (341 vacancies, 10%). Most vacancies are for educational institutions in Baku (473 vacancies, 13%), Jalilabad district (205 vacancies, 6%), Lerik district (202 vacancies, 6%), Lachin district (197 vacancies, 6%) and Guba district (184 vacancies, 5%). Incentive measures are applied on 2400 (68%) vacancies.

Upon the completion of replacement of teachers, document admission of recruitment of teachers on the specified vacancies will start on July 1.