Azerbaijani climbers conquer Mount Kazbek

By: Victoria Moiseyeva

Azerbaijan’s alpinists continue to conquer further peaks.

Immediately after a group of climbers returned from an expedition to Mount Elbrus, another group went to conquer Kazbek. Azerbaijani alpinist, Rufat Gojayev, was leading the expedition.

Mount Kazbek is one of the major mountains of the Caucasus located on the border of Kazbegi region of Georgia and North Ossetia. It is the third highest mountain in Georgia after Mount Shkhara and Janga and the seventh highest peak among the Caucasus mountains.

It is noteworthy that the climbers were members of “Nikoil” sporting section, which is implementing the project “20 years on the height” in honor of its 20th anniversary with Azerbaijan Mountaineering Federation.

The team of 10 alpinists left Baku to Georgia on August 16. Athletes didn’t waste time: having spent the night in Kazbegi village at the foot of the mountain, they moved on to the top next day.

Weather conditions was in favor of the climbers. However, heavy snow lying on the slopes, significantly impeded their climbing.

Nevertheless, Mount Kazbek (5,033 meters above sea level) was already subdued on August 18.

On the way back (at the altitude of about 4,500-4,600 meters) all climbers were broken down. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured. Everyone managed to climb down with minor injuries and bruises.

The fall had made changes to the route and the climbers had to go back to other and longer way, but the journey ended up with good results.

Climbers arrived in Baku on August 20.

Last year, five members of the current expedition attempted to conquer the ascent of Kazbek, but due to severe weather condition, they were unsuccessful.

But this year, the mountain-climbers were able to take their revenge.