Azerbaijani air force uses S-300 PMU, S-125 2TM missile systems in exercises

BAKu (CIHAN)- Azerbaijan’s Air Force is continuing its exercises in accordance with the plan under the supervision of Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov, the Defense Ministry said Aug. 16.

The ministry said that according to the exercises’ scenario, a conditional enemy, which violated the airspace, was detected, and the information on it was delivered to the battle control station.

The aerial objects were taken under control and destroyed with a conditional fire from the S-300 PMU and S-125 2TM anti-aircraft missile systems.

Aside from that, the combat aircraft participating in the exercises completely destroyed ground targets and military equipment of the conditional enemy.

They also destroyed the enemy’s engineer and sapper facilities with rocket fires and aerial destruction means.

Following the training flights, the Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov presented the combat aircraft pilots with the most modern helmets and flight suits that meet NATO standards.
On behalf of the Azerbaijani President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, each pilot was presented practically more convenient leather jackets that are not envisaged by the norms of provision of clothing and equipment.(CihanTrend) CIHAN