Azerbaijan contributing to archaeological excavations in Roma

By: Amina Nazarli

Azerbaijan is making another contribution to the development of world heritage.

“Un Mondo di Italiani” online newspaper has published an article on Azerbaijan’s financial aid for archaeological excavations in the territory of Alexandria in Roma.

The article referred to an agreement on Azerbaijan’s support for excavations in the district of the Mercati di Traiano Museum adding the agreement amounts to a significant contribution to cultural development of Roma.

The agreement was signed during the official visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Italy this July.

The article also cites the statement of President Ilham Aliyev during the signing ceremony. “Today is a very important day in our relations. The Italy-Azerbaijan relations have successfully developed in several fields. We are good friends and partners. We are proud that Azerbaijan is taking part in restoration of Italian architectural heritage. Your history, culture and architecture belong to all mankind. Azerbaijan is proud of its contribution to this process.”

Azerbaijan’s contribution to the opening of an archaeological park in Rome is very important for Romans as well as the World Heritage.

The ancient heritage of five-storey complex, built in 100-110 AD reveals new treasures and insights about Ancient Roman architecture.

Thought to be the world’s oldest shopping mall, the complex was built in a multi-level structure, and it is still possible to visit several levels. Main parts include delicate marble floors and the remains of a library.

By taking part in cultural projects abroad, Azerbaijan has shown its respect for cultural diversity and universal human values, contributing to the strengthening of the dialogue between cultures and civilizations.

Earlier, the government of Azerbaijan donated 1 million euros to the Italian capital, Rome, so it can begin excavating the city’s Imperial Forum.

Furthermore, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation headed by Mehriban Aliyeva financed restoration of medieval manuscripts in the archives of the Vatican, the Roman catacombs in Vatican as well as restoration of “Hall of philosophers” of Capitoline Museum in Rome.