Atlanta Airport Recovering After Power Failure

Operations were returning to normal at Atlanta airport on Monday after a fire caused a major power outage, forcing the cancellation of a thousand flights the previous day.The airport’s biggest airline customer, Delta, cancelled 390 flights for Monday, after Sunday’s 1,000 cancellations, and issued travel waivers for those affected by the delays.Hundreds of passengers that arrived at the airport on Sunday were not able to disembark, with some spending many hours onboard aircraft.Power was restored to the world’s busiest airport just before midnight Sunday after the outage which lasted almost 11 hours. Airport electricity supplier Georgia Power believes a failure of underground switchgear was responsible.The power company said the fire was located close to standby circuit cables and switching equipment, and damage to those cables resulted in the outage and loss of backup systems.Delta cancelled all of its late Sunday afternoon and evening flights in an effort to reset operations for Monday morning, but were forced to cancel more services today as many aircraft and crews were out of position.Monday’s cancellations were all prior to 1 pm and no additional cancellations were envisaged.Delta said in a statement that with a nearly 80 percent share of passenger traffic at the airport, it was closely engaged in the recovery efforts mounted by the airport, the City of Atlanta and Georgia Power.The outage was the second power-related incident to affect the airline in just over a year after a computer systems failure last year caused over 2,000 cancellations.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar