At UN, UAE stresses comprehensive and lasting peace in Middle East

WAM NEW YORK, 26th November, 2013 (WAM) — The United Arab Emirates has said that a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East is the only strategic option for countries which support peace and stability in the region, saying this cannot be achieved without addressing the root causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict, including Israel’s withdrawal to the pre-June1967 borders, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty and East Jerusalem as its capital.

Permanent Representative of the UAE to the United Nations, Ambassador Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, last night in a statement before the General Assembly, affirmed the message conveyed by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Speaking on Monday before the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the Agenda item, “The Question of Palestine,” Ambassador Nusseibeh underscored UAE’s firm support to the State of Palestine for the full restoration of its territories and all of its legitimate rights, including the right of return and self-determination, and the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Ambassador Nusseibeh welcomed as a significant and historic step the recent participation of the Palestinian Delegation in the process of voting on one of the UNGA resolutions, which took place for the first time in the history of the United Nations last week, and expressed the hope of soon recognizing Palestine as a full member and independent state in the United Nations like all other states. She took the opportunity to express the United Arab Emirates’ appreciation and continued support for the work of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People to advance the Palestinian cause.

She affirmed the United Arab Emirates’ strong support for the positive regional and international political efforts that have been made over several decades toward a peaceful and fair settlement for the Palestinian cause, including the recent efforts by the United States, which have led to resumed political negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, with a view to reaching a final peace agreement that settles all core issues.

The UAE’s statement before the General Assembly emphasized the commitment of Israel, the occupying power, to lift the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, release thousands of Palestinian detainees, withdraw from all occupied Palestinian territories and cease its settlement activities as a prerequisite for creating a favorable environment for continuing these negotiations and reaching an acceptable peace agreement based on the two-state solution and peaceful coexistence and in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions, the Arab Peace Initiative and the agreed principles of the peace process within the nine-month timeframe.

Expressing concern at the severely deteriorated economic and social conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, Ambassador Nusseibeh urged donors to provide more emergency aid to the Palestinian people and to continue their development assistance contributions in a timely manner in order to enable the Palestinian Authority to overcome the current financial crisis and alleviate the negative effects of the occupation.

The UAE representative concluded by stating before the General Assembly that the United Arab Emirates’ delegation, which co-sponsored four resolutions under the agenda item, The Question of Palestine,” believes that a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East is the only strategic option for countries which support peace and stability in the region.


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