Assalam Charity Society distributes food parcels on Syrian refugees

KUWAIT, June 16 (KUNA) — Assalam Charity Society in Kuwait announced Thursday it has distributed some 1,000 food parcels to Syrian refugees in Al-Raihaniyah area in Syria within its Ramadan campaign.
Director of the society, Dr. Nabil Al-Oun told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the distribution of food baskets on Syrian refugees is progressing thoughtfully in order to reach the needy in various parts of the war-stricken country.
He stressed that his teams were strengthening their relief efforts towards the Syrian refugees during the holy month of Ramadan stemming from its belief in the importance of providing a decent life for the Syrian families, especially food which is badly needed in the month of Ramadan.
He said that the convoys of the relief Society is constantly working to implement the program for the delivery of relief aid for displaced people and refugees in Syria, both at home and in the diaspora.(end).