Doha – The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announces that it will open a new flyover at the Al Khaleej Al Gharbi Interchange, part of the Lusail Expressway Project next Thursday.

The 400 metre flyover will provide three lanes, and deliver free flow traffic from Lusail Expressway directly into West Bay.

In order to facilitate the opening of this flyover, and expedite finishing works on the remaining parts of the interchange, the junction connecting Omar Al Mukhtar Street to Lusail Street will be permanently closed starting on the same day. The closure has been designed in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic.

During this time, traffic movements will be altered for University Street (known as Al Jamiaa Street) towards West Bay and The Pearl.

Road users travelling from University Street towards West Bay and The Pearl will be required to continue on Omar Al Mukhtar Street, follow the signs right and make a U-turn then either continue straight towards West Bay, or turn left to head towards The Pearl.

West Bay to University Street (known as Al Jamiaa Street); road users travelling from West Bay to University Street will be required to continue straight along Lusail Street for approximately 400 metres, take the Old Exhibition Center exit and then make a U-turn above Onaiza Tunnel. They can then continue straight and exit on to the newly constructed road to join Omar Al Mukhtar Street towards University Street.

Road users travelling from West Bay towards The Pearl area will continue to use their existing route and remain unaffected.

Those travelling from The Pearl towards West Bay will be able to do so via the Onaiza Tunnel and Al Khaleej Al Gharbi flyover.

Road users travelling from West Bay wishing to access Omar Al Mukhtar Street must keep in the far right lane along Lusail Street and follow signs for the Old Exhibition Centre exit in order to do the U-turn above the Onaiza Tunnel.

Similarly, once they have done the U-turn they must keep in the far right lane to take the slip road exit on to Omar Al Mukhtar Street.

Members of the public using these diversion routes must allow additional time for their journeys particularly during peak driving hours.

Road users are requested to abide by the 50 kph speed limit and follow newly implemented traffic road signs to ensure their safety.

The Lusail Expressway comprises three multi-level interchanges and two marine crossing bridges that will increase road capacity and improve traffic flow between the West Bay area and The Pearl / Lusail City. Once completed, it will serve key businesses, residential areas and facilitate easy access to tourist attractions. It will also establish direct connectivity through Lusail City (currently under construction) to areas further north of Qatar.

Ashghal anticipates final delivery of the Lusail Expressway project by January 2018. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency