Ashghal Opens Al Kharaitiyat Interchange on Al Shamal Road to Traffic

Doha, The Public Works Authority Ashghal, opened on Sunday Al Kharaitiyat Interchange to traffic, as part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement project.

Ashghal was keen on recreating the critical Al Kharaitiyat Interchange to enable bigger road capacity and better traffic access for the residents in the neighboring areas, namely, Al Kharaitiyat, Al Ebb, and Leabib, and the nearby business facilities and providing alternative routes for road users travelling from and into Al Shamal Road.

The new interchange would be helpful for several destinations, involving Lusail, Al ebb, Leabib, Arab League Street, Qatar University, Al Khor Coastal Road besides Al Kharaitiyat, Al Rufaa Street and commercial facilities around. It is also a direct link with the western areas of Al Kharaitiyat, Bani Hajer, Al Wajba, Al Rayyan and Al Rufaa Street leading to Dukhan Highway and Al Jahhaniya Interchange with a view of several critical business facilities.

Ashghal replaced the interchange sole two-lane bridge with 8 new bridges and flyovers, involving 3 to 4 lanes in each direction, increasing traffic capacity to become 160000 coming from the eastern side per hour, four times bigger than the old junction of 4000 vehicle per hour, and around 11000 vehicle coming from the eastern side.

Enhancing traffic flow and safety, Ashghal designed the intersection to have a free flow traffic better than the ex-junction, removing road signals or roundabouts, besides increasing the lanes from two to four in each direction as well as the four loops to two lanes in place of one lane.

Ashghal also installed lights along the bridges, entrances and exits and placing all necessary signage for better traffic safety, as part of Ashghal’s traffic safety strategy.

Source: Qatar News Agency