Arab Parliament chief condemns “inaccurate” UN report on Yemen

CAIRO, June 6 (KUNA) — Chairman of the Arab Parliament Ahmad Bin Al-Jarwan condemned on Monday a report recently issued by the UN General Secretariat accusing the Saudi-led Coalition of “committing violations” in Yemen.
Al-Jarwan condemned and rejected “the uncommon act” of enlisting parties that act for the legitimacy, protecting civilians and rebuilding Yemen among the forces that target children.
The world acknowledges the Saudi-led Coalition’s accomplishments, supporting the legitimacy, protecting and defending civilians and their freedom, he said, noting that the Arab Parliament has closely followed up on human and moralistic dimensions of the “Restoring Hope” operation in Yemen and the aid given to the people particularly the children.
The UN has contradicted in its report “all the facts on the ground,” Al-Jarwan said, asking the international organization to include Israel in the “black list for killing children.” Instead, the UN, has raised charges against the Coalition “although it has been carrying out a noble mission for the Yemeni people, combating the rebels and terrorists, relieving and aiding the people of Yemen, especially the children, as well as rebuilding the country.” The Coalition forces have been called upon by the legitimate President of Yemen, Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi, to defend the people against those who attacked them and tried to strip them of their will and resources, said the Arab Parliament chairman.
The Coalition Spokesman Brig Gen. Ahmad Asiri criticized the UN report which claimed that the Coalition forces involved in abusive acts in Yemen, noting that it contradicted relevant UN resolutions.
Brig. Gen. Al-Asiri told that the Coalition forces in Yemen are primarily tasked with protecting the people including the children in face of practices by Ansarullah movement, in shadow of an internationally-recognized legitimate government, and according to the Security Council Resolution 2216. “The report is unbalanced; it is neither based on authentic statistics, nor serves the Yemeni people,” he said, urging the UN to support the legitimate government, instead of “dealing with elements that are at odds with the Government to solicit misleading information.” (end) mfm.rg.rk