Arab League Council Condemns Aleppo Atrocities, Calls for Opening Humanitarian Corridors

Cairo, The Arab League Council at the level of the Permanent Delegates on Thursday reiterated support for efforts by the State of Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia to hold an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly to stop the atrocities carried out by the Syrian regime and its allies against the Syrian people.

The delegates, at end of their emergency meeting on Syria, issued a statement, urging the international community to press the Syrian regime to open safe humanitarian corridors to exit stranded civilians in the embattled city of Aleppo. It also condemned in strongest terms “the atrocious operations waged against the civilians in the city.” The Arab statement termed the Syrian regime practices in Aleppo and other Syrian cities as “crimes of war and flagrant breaches of the international laws and the Fourth Geneva Convention,” also urging for prosecution of the “aggressors by an international court.” The statement called on the UN Security Council to shoulder its full responsibilities with respect of maintaining security and peace and halt the fighting in all Syrian regions.

The statement reiterated commitment to Syria’s independence, sovereignty and territorial sanctity and its unwavering stance for combating terrorism.

Qatar’s delegation to the meeting was led by its Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Delegate to the Arab League HE Saif bin Muqaddam Al-Buainain.

Source: Qatar News Agency