Arab League Condemns Houthi’s Targeting of UAE Aid Vessel

Cairo, – The Council of Arab League, on Tuesday, strongly condemned the Houthi militias’ targeting of the UAE aid vessel which was on a routine voyage to Aden to deliver relief and medical assistance and evacuate wounded civilians to complete their treatment outside Yemen.

The council released a statement at the conclusion of an extraordinary meeting at the permanent representatives’ level to discuss the issue saying that the attack was an act of piracy and terrorism, a flagrant violation of the international law and other international laws and norms. The statement added that the attack posed a risk to international navigation and represented a dangerous indication for threats the civilian and commercial ships could face at the hands of these militias in one of the world’s most important navigation routes.

The council called on the United Nations and the Security Council to act effectively to put an end to this terrorism perpetrated by the Houthis and their backers.

Source: Qatar News Agency