Arab League commends UAE efforts in women, children protection.

The Arab League has commended the constructive efforts of the UAE to support women by drafting new and innovative laws and legislation to provide better protection for women, children and families.

Ambassador Inas Mekawi, Director of Women, Family and Childhood Department at the Arab League, made this observation during the first Arab Conference on Good Practices and Regional Opportunities to Promote Women’s Rights and Equality in Obtaining Citizenship, which was held at the headquarters of the Arab League yesterday. The conference aimed to discuss the challenges and the outlook on equal rights in citizenship.

Mekawi said that these laws and legislation included those related to their rights to obtain citizenship and the documents required to maintain the unity of families, as well as issuing legislative provisions aimed at protecting the identities and the citizenship of children whose identity was unknown.

She highlighted the procedures undertaken by several countries in the region, in relation to the citizenship law, as well as the development of laws to provide children with the right to be granted the nationality of their mother’s country.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs