Riyadh – Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubair affirmed that the first foreign visit of US President Donald Trump to the Kindom of Saudi Arabia and his participation in the first Arab-Islamic-US Summit reflects a positive and deep indication of working together to defuse the tensions in the region, encouraging the followers of different heaven religions, and clarify the human values which include justice, equality and peace among peoples.

In a press conference held here today and carried by Saudi press agency (SPA), Al-Jubair said that history will remember that the summit is a turning point from a strained relationship to a strategic partnership between the Islamic world, the United States of America and the Western world. We will work together to bring peace, develop societies and fight terrorism and extremism.

He pointed out that the bilateral summit between Saudi Arabia and the USA will strengthen the strategic and historical partnership between the two countries while the Arab-Islamic-US Summit will open a new chapter of partnership and cooperation in confronting extremism and combating terrorism, as well as building a mutual partnership in several areas.

The Saudi Foreign Minister noted that views coincide between Saudi Arabia and US on various regional issues which based on the importance of cooperation between US and its traditional alliances, pointing out that Saudi Arabia and US agree on the need to face the challenges to the interests of both countries in all aspects. The two counties agree to promote trade exchange, he added.

On the regards of GCC-US Summit, Al-Jubair said that this summit is a complement to the previous two summits, which have achieved great and successful outcomes. The two previous summits showed a great consensus in the different aspects; the first is at Camp David two years ago and the second is in Riyadh one year ago. Foreign Minister is looking forward the outcome of this third summit, which is hosted by Riyadh again, confirming the solidity of the relationship between the United States and GCC countries, drawing attention to the numerous initiatives that discussed the subject of armaments, and other topics related to the technology, economic, political aspects, and other related to bilateral efforts to confront and finance terrorism, and to enhance cooperation in the field of education.

Al-Jubeir reiterated Saudi Arabia’s firm position on the Palestinian issue, that is, reaching a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict based on the Saudi initiative adopted by the UN Security Council, which leads to the establishment of two states living side by side and a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

On the Syrian issue, the Saudi Foreign Minister stressed that there is a consensus in the position affirming the need to implement the Geneva Accord,which calls for writing a new constitution and holding elections leading to a future involving all Syrians, with no place for Assad, who is responsible for the killing of more than 500 A Syrian citizen.

Saudi Arabia will host three summits starting with the Saudi-US summit on Saturday, followed by the GCC-US summit, and the Arab-Islamic-US summit, which will be held on Sunday. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency