Appeal of persons accused of assassination attempt against Azerbaijani president not denied

Baku: the Baku Court of Appeal has today continued the hearing over the criminal case of Samir Saniyev and others accused of planning to commit a series of terrorist acts in Azerbaijan on the eve of the Eurovision-2012 Song Contest and preparing a assassination plan against the head of state.

AAP reports that during the hearing chaired by lawyer Vugar Mammadov, the accused persons and their lawyers made speeches.

The Baku Court of Appeal denied the appeal and upheld the decision of the court of first instance.

Note that, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of National Security (MNS) had neutralized a group preparing to commit a series of terror acts in Azerbaijan on the eve of the Eurovision-2012 Song Contest and an assassination plan against the Azerbaijani president.

Thorough investigations discovered that the group members had planned to commit an assassination act against the Azerbaijani president during his visit to the northwest of the Azerbaijani republic scheduled for April 2012, launch armed assaults on law enforcement bodies, blow up a number of

shrines which people believe to be sacred, and commit large scale terror acts at hotels like Hilton Baku, JW Marriot Hotel Absheron, etc. where foreigners are many, at Baku Crystal Hall and State Flag Square.

With the decision of the Baku Court on Grave Crimes, Chief of the group Samir Saniyev and other two members were sentenced to lifetime imprisonment, while others to 9-15 years in prison.