Aoun tells LCI: No one shall be stronger than state

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said that Lebanon was standing in front of its last opportunity to build a strong state through institutions that work in favor of the country and its citizens, expressing his refusal for anyone to be stronger than the state, in order not to enter into chaos.

President Aoun’s fresh words came on Sunday during a Television interview with LCI, the French TV news channel, at Baabda Palace, in his first TV appearance to France and the Francophone world.

“We should have a strong, ready and vigilant security force to defend the national sovereignty,” General Aoun underscored, adding that the army should be strengthened.

“Lebanon cannot receive displaced Syrians for an indefinite period in its territories, it hosted them for humanitarian reasons, and they should return to their country,” Aoun pointed out.

In a question regarding most recent developments in Syria, he said that Aleppo’s battle changed the balance of power in favor of the Syrian government, “constituting a new start for the dialogue and negotiation path in order to reach a political solution, because there is no winner and vanquished in this kind of war.”

He said that President Assad will stay, and those who called for his departure ignore Syria, noting that the situation in Syria would have become like Lybia had it not been for Assad.

As for relations with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, notably his visit to both countries, President Aoun indicated that said states can help today in supporting the building of the state in Lebanon.

“We are working on returning relations to their previous status, and we should work with confidence not with conflict.”

“The future Lebanon will be the example followed by the country, in spite of existing extremism nowadays.”

“Unilateral parties, one religion and ethnicity unilateral systems will no longer exist, and the world of pluralism is the one that will triumph.”

At the personal level, the Lebanese President was asked if politics were for him “to put ourselves at the service of others,” and he went on saying “the service of the others, the state, the nation the people, and the beautiful environment.”

“I am not considering a second mandate, I want to have a good succession,” he pointed out.

“With age the person gains more experience, becomes wiser and works to avoid major mistakes,” President Michel Aoun concluded.

Source: National News Agency