Any foreign intervention in Libya rejected.

Any foreign intervention in Libya rejected.Wednsday , 26-10-2016 – 15:26:00

Cairo, 26.10.2016(Lana) The trio-meeting held Tuesday at the Arab League in Cairo stressed the rejection of any foreign military intervention in Libya. Italian news agency reported that the trio; Arab League, African Union and the UN renewed in a joint statement; emphasis on commitment to Libya’s sovereignty and independence, territorial integrity and national unity and encourage a peaceful settlement of the situation by Libyan leadership to enable Libya complete its democratic transition’. They also stressed the need for a coordinated quantitative international and regional approach in support of Libya to deal with political, security and economic challenges it is facing. The parties also denounced recent acts of violence in Tripoli and an attempt to take control of the High State Council premises, stressing that such unacceptable acts hampers the political process and the democratic transition in Libya. The joint statement pointed out to the importance of a Libyan coherent military and security force working under one leadership as spelled out in the political accord in the Moroccan town of Sukhirat. It expressed support to the military operation against terrorist organizations in Serte, Benghazi and elsewhere. =Lana=