Amrahbank suspends sale of “FAN CARD” for Galatasaray fans

Baku: Amrahbank has commented on the discord occurred with Turkey’s Galatasaray football club regarding “FAN CARD” project.

Marketing director of Amrahbank Kamal Eminov told APA-Economics that “FAN CARD” is the bank’s joint project with Galatasaray Baku Soccer School: “The management of the school offered us cooperation. We have proposed some discounts for our plastic cards users in GS stores and Galatasaray Baku Soccer School. After reaching an agreement, we have asked for an official permission from the club in this regard. After a while, the school’s management told us that they agreed to implement the project. Following this, the bank and school signed an agreement,” said Karimov.

He said that after signing the contract, Amrahbank’s delegation went to Galatasaray’s head office to organize a joint press conference on “FAN CARD” project. “Amrahbank’s delegation met with the coordinator of Galatasaray Soccer Schools, Salim. Salim said that Galatasaray didn’t give permission to issue “FAN CARD” and demanded to suspend selling them,” he said.

Karimov also said that “Galatasaray” football club won’t sue Amrahbank. “Turkish and local media reported that our bank will be sued. It is not true. There has been a discord between Amrahbank and Galatasaray. The club only demanded to suspend the sale of “FAN CARD”.