Ambassadors of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egyptian Deputy Ambassador meet with Minister of Transport in South Africa.


Mahash Saeed Al Hamili, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, along with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and Egyptian Deputy Ambassador to the country, has met with Joseph Maswanganyi, Minister of Transport in South Africa.

During the meeting, they discussed issues of mutual concern, as the ambassadors informed Minister Maswangany about the recent procedures taken by four countries, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, regarding aircraft crossing their airspaces.

The decision was made after the four states uncovered evidence about Qatar’s sponsorship and funding of terrorist groups, which threaten the region’s security and stability. Therefore, the four countries decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and close their land borders, seaports and airports, preventing any unauthorized transit into their territories and air spaces, to stop Qatari aeroplanes from entering their air spaces, or landing at their airports.

The ambassadors also stressed to Maswangany that they are securing the passage of international airliners to and from Qatar.

During their discussion with Minister Maswangany, the representatives highlighted international resolutions to combat terrorism and its financing, including UNSC Resolution No. 2309, in which the Security Council stressed that all states should enjoy their sovereignty, including over their territory’s airspace, as well as their territorial integrity and political independence, in accordance with the UN Charter.

In the same resolution, the UN Security Council expressed its concerns that civil aviation can be used to transport foreign terrorists, they added.

The ambassadors said that the current diplomatic actions are taking place after Doha presented a complaint to the Civil Aviation Organization about the prohibition on Qatari aeroplanes from flying in the airspaces of the four countries.

At the end of the meeting, Maswanganyi stressed the importance of this meeting, while expressing his hope that this crisis will be resolved.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs