All Kuwaitis well in aftermath of shooting incident in US

WASHINGTON, June 1 (KUNA) — The State of Kuwait Consulate in Los Angeles affirmed on Wednesday, in aftermath of the deadly shooting incident that happened at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus, that all Kuwaiti citizens in the city “are safe.” The consulate has contacted Kuwaiti patients, who have been undergoing treatment at California University Hospital and the students to inquire about their well-being and determined that they were well and were not hurt due to the shooting incident.
It urged the Kuwaiti nationals in the city to follow instructions broadcast by the local media on how to act in emergency, be vigilant and stay away from insecure locations.
A gunman killed himself after shooting a person to death on the university campus earlier today.
Police have later confirmed that the situation is under control. (end) sd.rk