Al Subaie: Expansion of government service centers, combining all entities under one roof

Mr. Nasser Hadi Al Subaie, Assistant Director of the Services Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), announced the intention to expand government services centers, and to increase their number according to the population distribution in the regions, as well as to add other ministries and government entities to provide direct service to the public.

Al Subaie confirmed, that there is a future plan to equip a special mobile car to serve persons with disabilities and the elderly to help them finish their transactions from home.

Al Subaie said, we are seeking to provide public services to the audience in one place and provide more than one service in a short time, with more than one entities in each complex, so the visitors can terminate their transactions at the same time, this will make it easier for citizens and residents to complete the transactions as soon as possible.

Source: Government of Qatar