Al-Sayyadi: The Current Parliament Is The Worst In The World


Baghdad, Independent MP Kadhim Al-Sayyadi described the current parliament as the worst in the world.

He said in a televised statement that: Parliament does not have a real vision for passing laws, and the Federal Court Act fell victim to an agreement with the Kurds.

Al-Sayyadi added that: Al-Halbousi met with the Kurdish representatives before the session to pass the Federal Court’s law, indicating that its postponement was a parliamentary play.

He continued: removing the budget from the parliament’s agenda is a violation of the law, and the signatures of members of parliament are … formal and show.

Al-Sayyadi indicated that: Passing the budget is subject to consensuses related to the prime minister’s leadership and election results.

He noted that: The leaders of Kurdistan are seeking to mortgage the Federal Court’s Kurdish case law.

Al-Sayyadi indicated that: Yesterday’s session witnessed quarrels and skirmishes between Nabil Al-Tarfi and Youssef Al-Kalabi, and Parliament should not turn into a boxing ring.

He stated that: Political consensus prevented the passage of the Federal Court Act, indicating that the Kurds and Halbousi agree not to pass it until a compromise formula is reached, and the parliament presidency bears the responsibility for not being approved.

Al-Sayyadi indicated that there was an Emirati intervention in the Iraqi intelligence service and Parliamentary Security Committee should demand to hold a session in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief regarding the intelligence incident.

Al-Sayyadi considered transferring 300 intelligence officers to the ports as settling scores.

He accused the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with the conspiracy, indicating that they possess mercenaries in Iraq.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency