Al Saraj: Do not Leave Libya Face Terrorism Alone.

Al Saraj: Do not Leave Libya Face Terrorism Alone.Sunday , 07-08-2016 – 16:20:00

Tripoli, 7 August 2016(Lana) The Head of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Saraj has said that the goal of the US air strikes was to destroy positions used by the State Organisation Da’esh in Sirte, to attack forces taking part in the liberation of the city. In an interview with the CNN, Al Saraj reaffirmed that the strikes would only be restricted to Sirte and its outskirts, and that they would be limited in time. That step, he said, would reduce human loss among the forces of the Solid Structure assigned to retake the city back from Da’esh. Al Saraj Demanded that the international community do not leave Libya facing terrorism alone. =Lana=