Al Sada: Qatar Supports All Arab Efforts to Address Water Challenges

Doha, – HE Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada said the State of Qatar supports all Arab efforts to address water challenges by pursuing all ways that should provide and maintain water resources. It aligns with Arab Water Day theme “water – food – energy Nexus .. life sustainability”.

“In this year celebration, we focus on the integration of water, food and energy. It goes in line with QNV 2030 which aims at transforming Qatar into an advanced country, capable of sustaining its own development and providing for a high standard of living for its entire people for generations to come,” His Excellency said in a statement on Arab Water Day which will be marked tomorrow.

“The State of Qatar celebrates, with the Arab countries, the Arab Water Day on March 3. The date was assigned at the first the Arab Mistrial Water Council held in Algeria in 2009. It reflects the vital role of water in our life as one of the key elements of sustainability.

HE Minister of Energy and Industry said the theme of Arab Water Day this year is “water – food – energy Nexus .. life sustainability”. It drags the attention to the tight relation between water, food, and energy security, and the importance of understanding this nexus for a rational resources management to achieve the sustainable development. We live in a region suffers from the scarcity of water resources, and demand increase due to population increase and the rapid economic development. It results in importing food, and using energy in water desalination.

His Excellency added water sector in Qatar plays a prominent role in achieving the sustainable development. The Ministry of Energy and Industry represented in Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” has set the required plans for the development of water sector utilities to increase its productivity and meet the increasing demand for water. It adopts many techniques to achieve the requirements of the sustainable development. It builds new stations to strengthen water network, along with upgrading the existing ones to provide high quality services and meet development requirements. As well, it constructs mega reservoirs to secure water storage and ensure stable supplies under any circumstances.

This concept aligns with the efforts of the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency “Tarsheed” KAHRAMAA launched in 2012, he said, adding that the prime target of Tarsheed is to increase the awareness of all society about the importance of reducing electricity and water consumption, increase energy efficiency, and produce electricity from alternative resources to achieve sustainability. In fact, it is a common responsibility calls for intensifying efforts to achieve. (

For his part, President of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) Eng. Essa bin Hilal Al-Kuwari said that the company through Tarsheed is looking to increase societal awareness of the importance of reducing electricity and water consumption to reach the acceptable per capita rates and increase energy efficiency by a number of techniques, legislations, and initiatives.

Al Kuwari added that Kahramaa celebrates annually the Arab Water Day on March 3. This year’s celebration is under the theme of “water – food – energy Nexus .. life sustainability” in recognition of the key role water plays in sustainable development. The event is meant to shed light on the challenges meet the fresh water resources in the Arab world and the importance of introducing solutions to achieve the sustainable development, Al Kuwari added.

He noted that the theme of Arab Water Day this year aligns with KAHRAMAA mission of providing high quality and sustainable electricity and water for better living in Qatar. He highlighted the scarcity of water resources and the increase of water per capita consumption as the motive for launching the National Program for the Conservation and Energy Efficiency Program “Tarsheed” in 2012. The program aims to reduce per capita consumption of water by 35 percent and electricity by 20 percent in five years. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency